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Which Skills To Learn? – The Most Important Skills for College Student

Money is hard! It is very difficult to get a hold of it and keep it in a steady enough flow to meet our needs every time. But, why is it a piece of cake for some people? Have you ever thought about this? If yes, then you might have observed that it all comes down to the good skills that these people possess. 

The most successful people in the world will always make a commitment to dedicate their spare time in the pursuit of learning – instead of vegging out before television or scrolling through social media platforms to stalk celebrities. No matter what they do, they stick to their promise of learning. The added advantage of learning a new skill is that it stimulates your neuron cells which indeed helps you in learning things faster and better.

With that in mind, we’ll be talking about the skills you can learn to make your current work easier or to make money online. 

A skill is a simple thing you learn that enables you to perform certain tasks easily and effectively. They are your natural talents. Life skills help you in dealing with daily tasks effectively while job skills build your professional know-how and help you perform work duties well. 

With internet access and plenty of online courses teaching at no cost at all, you can learn multiple skills from the comfort of your home. Let’s say you want to learn Korean language, you have the Duolingo app to help you. If you want to learn blogging and copywriting, you have Udemy and if you want to learn other creative skills like drawing, you have Skillshare!

So, if you love editing photos and don’t know how to use photoshop, go online and start learning it. You might just end up getting paid to offer editing services to others. However, if you don’t have a clear idea about the skills that you want to learn, then this article is especially for you. Here is a list of lucrative skills that help you earn big bucks and get you through your tough times.

List of lucrative skills – Learn something new 

Do you have an updated list of skills for yourself? If not, please make one and then focus on identifying the purpose for which you need to learn new skills. This identification can be done keeping in mind the following three questions. 

  1. Do you just want to learn cool skills to impress the people around you? 
  2. Or do you want to learn high-income skills? 
  3. Or do you want good job skills to land a better career? 

There is no such thing as the best skills to learn as it is very subjective and depends on one’s intent and requirement. Here are some lucrative skills you can learn based on your interest.

High-Income Skills

High-income skills are a set of skills that help you earn you big bucks (more than $10k per month). That means with a high-income skill you take care of your expenses, stop thinking about whether you can afford a latte every morning, can go out for dinner more often without checking your account balance, pay other people to get the boring chores done.

Fantasising about the high-income lifestyle but don’t know how to get one? The following high-income skills will help you earn you 5 to 6 figures a month.

Copywriting, Business writing and Technical writing

Don’t you think the phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” minimizes the power of words when you can bond yourself to someone for the rest of your life with just the words, “I do”?

Words are powerful. They can inspire or teach and change countless lives for the better. So imagine using your stories, handbooks or speeches to grip the attention of thousands, to compel them to read every word until the last page and inspire them for a better living. 

Writing comes in various types, from copywriting (used for advertising copy, producing pitch desks) to direct copy (used for marketing), from newsletter to social media posts. You can write short stories, books, novels, magazine articles, speeches etc… This group also includes blogging for a company, self-publishing and ghostwriting (writing for someone else).

All the types of writing will earn you high income depending on the writing you do and whether you are employed or self-employed. The bottom 10% income range is around $31,700 and the top 10% income range is around $121,600.


High Ticket Closing, Sales and Deal Making

Sales is an art that involves more than just persuading or convincing others to buy something. It includes the following-up, handling objections, prospecting and closing. Just like Grant Cardone’s saying in Sell or be Sold, “Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission,” we use this skill everywhere for our entire life. If you can’t sell a client to do business with you or to hire you, you cannot succeed. It’s only your negotiation or social skills that can bring in revenue for a business or change a person’s life. I am not just talking about selling someone an asset or a car, in fact, you can impact someone’s life by convincing them to invest in a course that will teach them a new skill.

Sales include a wide range of skills from making deals to raising capital or creating strategic partnerships. It includes everything from prospecting cold leads and increasing their interest in your product or service to closing deals on products or services. Anyone can sell with a little effort, but the real beauty lies in closing where you actually exchange value (making a transaction) with the client or customer. 

E-commerce, finance, healthcare, IT, real estate, entertainment and media, politics, and corporations are just some of the areas where you need sales skills to make and close deals. High ticket closing is nothing but making a commission of $1,000 or more from selling a product. With mentorship and sales training, it is highly possible for you to make a six-figure income.


Public Speaking

Do you have a strong voice and magnetic personality? Can you make people laugh and cry? Most importantly, can you motivate others to take action? Are you a good storyteller?

If your answer is yes, then you can be a public speaker and earn loads. You can teach personal development like Tony Robbins at his events or entertain a crowd with your storytelling like Lilly Singh (Superwoman). 

Many people fear public speaking because there are many possibilities for it to go wrong. You can forget lines or talk about something that bores your audience to tears. But, if you remember all of your lines well and deliver an important message, then you will be a great public speaker. The lowest annual salary of a public speaker is around $107,173 while the highest salary is about $312,000. 

Web Design And Digital Marketing

Before asking me how important are the web designers and digital marketers, just imagine a life without the internet and social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. That is what life is without digital marketers and web designers.

In the modern world, every information you get about businesses, movies, addresses etc.. are from the internet itself. Even though you don’t pay a penny to these platforms, they make money from digital advertising.

Digital marketing agencies are now starting to make $10k per month. You can charge individuals or business owners from $10k to $100k a month just to manage their online advertising, grow their brand, help them rank on Google and make more sales using organic reach.

It might sound unrealistic for most of you to hear someone get paid that much, but with the help of some credible mentors online or even from free youtube videos, you can easily learn these skills and start getting paid for your skills.

Teaching, Training And Coaching

Do you have an area of expertise that you would like to teach people about? Are you an excellent communicator and listener? Can you help others learn something at their own pace with patience? If yes, then why not teach the skill to others and get paid?

Teaching requires a special ability to transfer skills and knowledge effectively to others through educating, mentoring, training or coaching.

It is possible to reach a large audience to share your skills and knowledge in numerous ways. You can publish tutorial videos on Youtube about make-up, Diy, hairstyling, languages etc… You can also teach music or cooking at a local college or a community center. You can give lectures at a university, train clients at a gym or studio, host workshops and events, mentor or coach individuals with their personal and professional lives.

There are plenty of other high income skills that you can develop, like supervising teams and operations, creative skills, financial skills, programming etc.. Developing a high-income skill is all about being valuable to the marketplace. For example, graphics designing can also be a high-income skill if you can develop the craft well enough to sell your services for high dollars.

But, developing a skill is not a piece of cake, it requires time and energy to acquire knowledge and experience. So find a good mentor, implement what they say and most importantly, never quit.

Good Job Skills

The list of good job skills or business skills has to top the list of useful skills because they improve your overall job performance. They help you in getting promotions and generally help in getting a job and do it better. Here is a list of good job skills that could make you the employee of the year.



Hard work is important but not more than smart work. So, make your work smart by having an effective plan. Good planning is an art of thinking that helps you develop strategies to accomplish your goals. It takes into account contingencies, emergencies, and setbacks. A good planning will boil down your work to a single page while also having detailed instructions of what has to be done and how to do it.

This planning can also be done in detail over time – 5 years, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Writing down the plans properly helps in eliminating useless tasks completing necessary ones.

Mastering Organization

Organization is an important skill that is productive and time-saving. Storing paperwork around your office, being able to find any piece of paperwork, file or folder quickly and easily relies on having a good organizational skill. There are many soup to nuts courses available online that help you in physically and digitally decluttering your office. Someone who is organised can easily keep a tab on ongoing and pending tasks as opposed to someone whose work is all over the place and requires constant reminders to stay on track.


Managing Employees

It is not only difficult to find a great employee, but also very hard to manage and keep them around. Hiring, managing and firing the employees can easily make or break the business. Therefore, companies are now competing for the best workers who not only enable the company to achieve its strategic goals but also manage their employees well. Go join a good course that explores the importance of hiring employees who are in line with the company’s overall strategy and goes over to educate you how to manage employees so they will stay with the company for the long term and reduce the turnover rate.

Business Skills Fundamentals

If you want to start a new business, the first thing you want to know is what it takes to be successful and especially how to achieve the kind of success that steadily increases rather than going through peaks and valleys. Developed business skills are the foundation on which the rest of the organization balances on. If you have a weak foundation, then it’s nearly impossible to have success. So, guidance in this path will help you avoid all kinds of pitfalls and also help you in seizing opportunities.

How To Influence Others

One of the fundamental skills that all effective leaders have to master is the ability to influence other people. Without this ability, you may not be able to make your idea or vision become a reality as you won’t be having anyone to help you.

So, if you know how to influence others, then you can easily capture the minds and energy of others to achieve the things in life that you want to achieve. Effective leaders go beyond commanding and actually inspire, persuade, encourage others towards a common goal.

Art Of Negotiating

You know everything is negotiable in life, your salary, what you do at your workplace, how much your business pays for services, etc… So, how good are you at negotiating? Since we don’t have an open barter system in our economy, you may think negotiating as a backroom deal, but it really is a big part of the fabric of our society. Therefore, it is very important that you take a bit of your time and get your negotiating skills to gear up.


Are you verbally articulate? Are you a good listener? Can you express your needs in a way that can build bridges with customers, colleagues or vendors? If not, then you have to get a grip on communication. No matter what industry you work in, it is very essential to have the ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues and staff. Not only that, but communication also plays a very important role in the digital world too. You have to know how to effectively convey and receive messages via phone, email, social media etc… So, make sure you have good communication skills.

Good job skills are never-ending. So, try to learn as much as you can because it’s the combination of core and soft skills that will make you stand out of the crowd irrespective of the job you do.

Cool Skills

Whether it is juggling or parallel parking, there are some skills that look very impressive to the point that you think are impossible to learn. But, that isn’t true. You can definitely learn them with a little effort. Do you want to impress your friend or girlfriend with some cool skills but don’t have an exact idea about what to learn? Then don’t worry, just have a look at the following skillset.


Parallel Parking

Even though you are the most seasoned driver, it can be a challenge for you to parallel park your car. I am not judging, but there are people out there who park farther away from their destination or get a friend to drive just to escape parallel parking. If this is you, don’t worry, it just takes an afternoon and some patience to learn it.


What better way to impress people around you than juggling! But, often when you start out and learn how to juggle, it may seem almost impossible to keep the ball up in the air. Then all you have to do is remember the phrase, “Practice makes man perfect”. Soon enough, things will fall in one place and start to click. You can build from one juggle to two juggles, to ten and then to fifty touches and beyond, with the ball in the air.


Origami is nothing but just folding paper into different shapes which most people find impressive. You don’t have to sit days together and thrive hard to learn this skill, you just need to follow the directions. Origami not only impresses people but also develops eye-hand coordination, maths reasoning, sequencing skills, memory, spatial skills, patience and attention skills. And, where do you use this special skill? For table and party decorations! You can even have fun while teaching this skill to others.

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are the most fascinating skill everybody fantasizes about, yet no one attempts to learn as they don’t realize how simple they are to learn. You can simply google a few simple ones, especially tricks involving cards, and all of a sudden, tada…everyone’s impressed.

Flipping Eggs In A Frying Pan

If you already know how to cook and want to impress others with your cooking skills? Then why not step it up a notch and make yourself look like a master chef? There are many courses available online that will make you learn how to cook like a pro.

Riffle Shuffle

Riffle Shuffle is a skill used to randomize a deck of cards for a flashy effect in a magic trick. If you put in a little effort, you can make it fancier by performing in your hand instead of a table and impress the people around you. 

Preparing a basic meal and making it look good, tearing an apple in half with your hand, solving a Rubik’s cube, dressing well, jump-starting a battery and whatnot. If you have an intention and interest, you can master anything and show off the skills.

Useful Skills

Do you know any of those people who just know how to do everything? Like, if your car got troubled, they know what went wrong. If your tap leaks, they know how to fix it. When you are in a tough situation, they will be the first person you call since you know that they will know what to do and how. I don’t know about you but I just love these kinds of people. Well, the following list will help you in becoming that kind of a person.


Speed Reading

Just imagine how much work you could accomplish if you were able to complete all of your required reading in one-third of time or even half of the time. Basically, speed reading helps you in understanding the fundamental principles of the human visual system, eliminating inefficiencies in your reading and increasing the speed at which you read while also improving your retention. Even small improvements in the reading time can save you a lot of time. Also, for a quick primer, you can watch the videos of Tim Ferris that teach you a few basics of the process.

Speak A New Language

You probably might have heard this before, learning a new language will provide a number of amazing advantages.

You can travel to foreign countries and can communicate with the locals.

You can challenge yourself to learn something fun for yourself.

You can advance your career opportunities

So, definitely try learning a new language of your interest in your spare time.

Basic Home Repairs

I am no expert at-home repairs, but if you ask me, I will definitely recommend you to learn the basics of keeping your home in tip-top shape. One of the main reasons to learn basic home repairs is having someone repair for you is costly and time-consuming. There are plenty of resources available online that help you walk through some home repairs. So, have a look at them.

Basic Car Repairs

Do you know that most of your car repairs can be repaired by yourself? It just takes a tiny bit of your spare time to learn. If you don’t have any technical skills, you still can do things like changing engine oil, changing alternators and fixing fuel filters. This saves you money and time. These skills also help you in learning a bit more of problem-solving too. 


Master Tai Chi

Mastering Tai Chi is great both for your body and for your mind. It helps you in alleviating natural health conditions that come along as you age. It also encourages people of all ages to relax and let go of nervous tension. The main benefit of Tai Chi is that it can mitigate the effects of stress. Not only Tai chi, any kind of skill that builds confidence, imparts grace, strength, helps you live longer is very important in one’s life. 

Learn To Start A Fire (At Any Place)

If you are more of an adventurous person like me, then you should definitely have to know how to start a fire as it is one of the most important resources you need when you are outside your home. You need it to purify water, for warmth, to scare off wild animals. Many think that starting a fire from scratch is a very difficult skill to learn. They say it takes years of experience and practise to master it. Well, why don’t you learn this skill and prove them wrong. 

Sewing, Stitching And Patching

Learning to stitch, sew and patch is as diverse as it is useful. I don’t know why it is typically considered as feminine because there is nothing feminine in saving an expensive pair of pants from destruction or in saving yourself after a slight wardrobe malfunction. So, learn a few skills of sewing, using sewing machines and even a few advanced techniques that will help you towards the next level of sewing.

Besides these, you can also learn how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, perform CPR, survive a major crisis, jump-start a dead battery etc.. to become an ideal person that many fail to become.

Fun Skills

The fun skillset is a mixed bag as these skills do not fall into any specific category of life skills to learn. They are the kind of skills that we often want to learn but never invest time and effort in learning them. I mean who wouldn’t like to play a guitar, a piano or grow a lush garden. These skills play a major role in making us an all-rounded person.

Here is a list of skills that I think are fun to learn and execute. 


Learn How To Draw

While we have to be taught to read and write, people are actually born with a natural ability to draw. It is a basic skill we are all born with. It is a form of communication that everyone in the world understands no matter what language they speak. Kids start to draw even before they start to read and write and continue to do it throughout life. It is also the best way to showcase your creativity. So, take a drawing course that will make you skilled in the art form.

Organize and Declutter Your Home

Have you ever heard of the hottest and most popular method of home decluttering, the KonMari Method of decluttering? It was created by Marie Kondo, who owns a business in Tokyo. She teaches her methods to help us turn our homes into a more peaceful and inspiring space. This KonMari Method starts with discarding all the things that we don’t need in our home and organizing what is left. She says having a clean home will help us in de-stressing out our lives. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to clean our house to make it a better place?


Master photoshop

In my opinion, everyone needs to know some photoshop basics as it is an important tool in graphics, web design or can even be used to just edit our own pictures and make them interesting. Photoshop editing is a valued skill that is great to add to a resume as well. Even the hands-on marketing role needs photoshop skills to create flyers, email newsletter or brochures. So, why not give it a try? There are many courses available online for free.

Playing Guitar And Piano

Playing any kind of music instrument especially piano and guitar is a dream for many people. But, most of them won’t step forward to actually learn it as the traditional methods of learning are significantly slower and the learning to play “exciting” tunes takes a lot of time. However, a handful of hours of lessons and practice is enough to get you hooked. And guess what, learning to play is not only fun but it’s great for your well-being too. Research actually shows that the brain of an instrument player works differently than those of normal people, the process of playing the chords on the guitar or piano and reading sheet music can open up new neural pathways and rewire the brain in a positive way that can lead to cognitive benefits.  

Gardening – How To Grow Anything

Maybe your previous results from growing things in your garden made it seem like it was not a skill that you can master. But, that is not true. There are lots and lots of resources that actually help you grow plants like an expert. Learning how to grow your own flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits can actually save a lot of money and you can also have a beautiful yard to look at. Most importantly, eating food straight from your farm is the healthiest way to get the nutrients that your body needs.

Make Your Own Furniture And Decorations

Woodworking definitely seems like a dream to most people. I remember my father making a desk for me when I was young and my grandfather making fancy wooden home decorations. But, everything I tried was a complete mess. No matter how many times I tried, I still couldn’t get a hold of it. That is why I am most intrigued by the online woodworking courses. They make major projects seem so simple and easy that even someone like me with zero skills might have a chance of success.

Just imagine yourself what it would be like if you could develop some of these skills in your life. Wouldn’t it be a better use of time than just wasting time before television or playing the latest game on your phone? My advice for you is simple: Just pick some skills that you are interested in and work on them in your spare time for the next month. Even if it is just 30 minutes a day, it can actually add something valuable to your life. 

Online Learning Platforms

Now that you have got an idea about what you want to learn, the next question that arises is – What online learning platforms are worthy and effective to learn that skill. 

Back in the day, it was not a very easy thing to learn something new, but now, thanks to the advanced technologies that have opened new doors for the learning opportunities, there are numerous programs and courses online. Online learning platforms help people connect with teachers who educate us through the internet either for free or at relatively low costs. They make us learn skills easily and most effectively.  Whether you wish to learn a completely new thing or want to improve your existing skill, there are endless learning opportunities that you can find with a quick search. There is no shortage of online courses of your choice and subject. However, with countless number of online learning platforms, you can be in a dilemma to find the right one for you. As I understand the increased number of opportunities can make it difficult for you to choose one, I have made the following list based on their popularity and traffic. Go ahead and choose the best one for you.



Skillshare is one of the large marketplaces that focused mainly on creative education. It includes numerous courses from graphic design and music production to fine arts and cooking. There are over 24,000 lessons, $5 million paid to teachers, and more than 4 million students. Skillshare also provides you with a community discussion form that connects you with other students where you can share your progress and get feedback for your work. 



We can say that Udemy is one of the most popular learning platforms with over 55,000 courses available. There are millions of students that already took advantage of Udemy. The best thing is you can get lifetime access to the courses and most of the time they will be having some promotion going on. Also, there are about 2300 free courses, so if you are a newbie to e-learning and want to test how it works, then definitely enrol to one of the classes. 


Lynda is perfect for those who want to learn skills related to technology, business and creativity. It has tutorials in five different languages. Lynda offers a subscription-based video library to which the users can get access for 30 days from signing up. The website offers numerous courses on business, design, photography, software development, marketing and much more. If you are more of a visual learning person, then this platform is perfect for you.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide a free and best education for anyone and anywhere in the world. It contains micro-lectures, instrumental videos and practise assignments to help you in developing and sharpening your skills. Khan academy mainly focuses on traditional subjects like mathematics, science, humanities, economics and computer programming. This platform will also provide you with a personalised dashboard that empowers the learners to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom.


Coursera is one of the leading providers of massive open online courses that has partnered with universities and organisations all over the world to offer universal access to the world’s best education. It has thousands of different courses from data science to musical theory that are completely free. On completion of the courses, you will also be awarded with a certificate.



If you are looking for online courses that don’t cost you a penny, then go for Alison. It is one of the biggest learning resources which offers free as well as high-quality courses with 10 million students from all over the world. Courses include health, technology, business, designs and languages. Alison also offers certificate and diploma level courses, students should take the assessments and score at least 80 % to pass. The resources that Alison provides will help you in developing essential and certified workplace skills.



One of the other great options for free online education is Edx. Edx is a non-profit online educational website. It offers fully online and high-quality educational content on psychology, engineering, computer science and much more. One of the biggest perks of Edx is that it offers a certificate as proof of one’s accomplishment after the completion of the course. 


What To Do After Learning A Skill?

By now, you might have already got an idea on how learning a new skill is both rewarding and fun as you can do a lot of things after getting smooth on a specific skill. 

First and foremost, you can start a youtube channel and show off your skills through making videos. You can also make money at the same time through monetizing your channel.

Then you can offer the service for people through websites like Fiverr and Upwork where they pay you for the service.

Later, you can start your own website and can offer your services. Not only this, there are plenty of ways that make you rich if you can implement it smartly.

How to make money in college?


All the skills mentioned above are actually quite effective ways to make money, especially in college. You know, what restricts people from doing it is all internal, not external. We make excuses for ourselves saying that we don’t have enough time or we don’t know where to start etc.. Well, today, lets together eliminate some of those excuses. The following is a list of ways to make money in college besides the ones mentioned above. I literally dumped every possible way I could think of to make money in the list. Some of them you’ve heard plenty of times before while others might be new to you. But all of them have their pros and cons.


I personally think being our own entrepreneur is extremely rewarding and can be lucrative for recent graduates and college students. If you also love being an entrepreneur, then you should definitely consider the following skillset.

                        Start A Blog Or Website

                        Become A Notary Public And Loan Signing Agent

                        Freelance Writer For Blogs And Businesses

                        Become A Virtual Assistant

                        Sell Gigs On Fiverr

                        Do Online Design Work

                        Become A YouTube Video Blogger

                        Design And Sell T-Shirts

                        Do Transcription Work

                        Create An App

                        Become A Translator

                        Become A Voice-over Artist

                        Ship Stuff For Others

Do you know renting you stuff out is also a great way to earn money? Do you not think you have too much stuff? You will be surprised after going through the following skillset.

                          Rent A Room In Your House

                          Rent Your Car

                          Rent Your Garage Or Driveway

                          Rent Your Clothes

                          Rent Your Place On Airbnb

There are some that aren’t quite jobs but at the same time, they aren’t quite online business opportunities. They actually fall in the middle but I think they are tasks that earn you money especially when you are in college. Have a look at those tasks.

                            Fill Out Online Surveys

                            Participate In Market Research

                            Do User Testing Online

                            Be A TaskRabbit

                            Become A Note Taker

                            Become A Medical Test Volunteer

                            Enter Scholarship Competitions

                            Recycle Cans And Bottles

                            Recycle Scrap Metal

                            Get Rebates For Online Shopping

                            Find Bugs in Programming Codes

                             Find Website Hacks

Other than these skills, of course, you can also earn money by doing part-time jobs. The following are the works that college students and young adults are well suited for.



                              Clean Houses

                              Do Catering On Weekends

                              Computer Repair

                              Paint Houses


                              Work As A Bartender Or Server

                              Work For Your Professor



                             Do Nails And Makeup

                             Become A Product Demonstrator


Bonus: How to know what skills to put on a resume?

Apart from experience and education, the most important things you need to consider putting in a resume are your achievements, a summary and your skillset to make it a standout. In support of this, let us take an example. 

Consider you want to work with Jane who owns a cupcake business. How would you make her think that you are the right person she has been waiting for all her life? The answer is straight, you should have the specific skills related to the job. Skills are as important as icing on the cupcake. No one wants a cupcake without icing, right? Therefore, if you want a resume that leads you to many interviews, then you have to know what skills to put on it and how to describe them.

Well, the required skills might be changing from job to job, but there is a specific list that contains all the key skills that will tell your abilities, knowledge and experience essential to perform a particular job in a professional way. Have a look.

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Creative Thinking skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Employability skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Managing skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Nursing Skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Project management skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Technical skills
  • Writing Skills

With this list, we conclude this article. We’ve talked about numerous skills to learn. You might have found a lot of new ideas in this list. But remember, it takes discipline and genuine interest to master any skill. Do try your hands at a few of them, but remember to stick to learning them in the long term to truly benefit from them.


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